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The House

When travelers in the 1800's returned from Italy, they brought home an affection for the country villas filled with sunlight and fresh air, aromatic food and flowers.The historic Nims/Wilcox house in the Village of Lexington is such a home -- reminiscent of the Italian country villas which inspired its architectural style.

The Living Room

Sit back and relax as you enjoy a cozy evening by the fire, a mid-day game of chess, or the early morning sun streaming in from the garden. Our living room is a great place to make new friends and read up on the history and transformation of Lexington and this great home. Remember to ask the Innkeeper about the burn marks by the fireplace.

The Library

Our library offers a comfortable setting for reading a good book or watching television. With a collection of books, dvds, and games, there is something to accommodate a variety of tastes. 

The Dining Room

Breakfast is the main attraction in our spacious dining room. This main gathering space in the house is always full of great conversation, coffee, and delicious food. Many new friendships have been formed and even greater adventures have been shared here. 

The Kitchen

Culinary magic happens in the kitchen as it transforms locally sourced products into tantilizing treats for the palate. We strive to be farm to table fresh, as we use many products from our own gardens in season. 

Inn the Garden
Bed & Breakfast
of Lexington

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